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Under Contract In 14 Days!!! Before & Afters


We were asked to shoot this home, and as Donna mentioned - under contract in 14 days!!  Hooray!

The realtor, Arlene Urquizu, knows the power of the first impression - that's why she has had us photograph many of her listings and she's had Donna stage many of them!  FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE LAST IMPRESSIONS!

Congrats Arlene.


One of my partner Realtors Arlene Urquizu of Coldwell Banker Facuette Real Estate hired Ready, Set, Stage! for 6 hours of hands on staging on one of her listings prior to listing! I didn't feel that I accomplished as much as I could have with this seller. She told me that I was not allowed to move any of her furniture or art work. So we worked on decluttering and packing. (I packed 15 boxes of books) I did what I could.  We are under contract in 14 days!!! This is proof that even if the homeowner doesn't allow for all of our recommendations professional staging can still make a difference!

Here are a few before and after photos.

After photos by Brick Road Visuals, Bentonville, AR


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We were asked to shoot this home, and as Donna mentioned - under contract in 14 days!! Hooray! The realtor, Arlene Urquizu knows the power of the first impression - that's why she has had us photograph many of her listings and she's… more
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